About Richard Francois

Having a human rights issue is generally an unpleasant experience. It means that you have been wronged. You have been oppressed, violated or harmed in some way. Richard understands how confused you may feel having experienced his own human rights violations. You don’t have to suffer in silence if the law is on your side.

Richard will provide you with an initial consultation to see if and how he can serve your best interests. You will not be charged a fee. He will explore his mind full of ideas coupled with an extensive knowledge of legal principles and innovative research methods to find the best way to protect your rights.

Litigation can be complicated and intimidating. He will guide you through each step of your case, keeping you up to date, and making sure you understand exactly what is going on. Richard keeps his clients involved in the process and at the centre of his attention. He is here to serve and advise you on every decision that needs to be made.

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"A tenacious human rights barrister who has the uncommon ability to get inside the soul of the client he is advocating for so he can passionately represent the client's very difficult predicament with accuracy, understanding, empathy and eloquence. He goes beyond the call of duty to do his very best for his client."




Bryan Johnson
Humanities Consultant at International Justice Advocates Ltd.

Richard has been successfully representing clients from all walks of life at all levels of the court

system since 1995.

He has a Masters degree in law from Harvard University.

Whatever your legal rights and freedoms might be, Richard is committed to providing comprehensive

advice and effective representation. Protecting your rights is what he does best.

Richard believes litigation is the way forward to promote rights and freedoms.

He explores human rights at the intersection of criminal, constitutional and mental health

as well as other fields.

Richard acts on a pro bono basis and takes novel cases all the way to the Supreme Court. He

 provides in depth knowledge and experience to find the best strategy to vindicate the violation

of your rights and freedoms and win.