In the Media

Richard Francois Lawyer


Richard  has a positive view of the role of the media in bringing about changes to the law in relation to rights and freedoms. Most of his cases attract media attention because they raise matters of social and public importance. The media reports in television. radio and print generally reproduce the major issues accurately and reliably. For example, Lisa Owen presents the issues and background of the perjury trial of Secret Witness C in the high profile double murder of two Swedish tourists in 1989 succinctly and informatively. 


There are of course one or two exceptions in the media that reveal imbalanced reporting and unreliable statements made by very experienced interviewers.  See the link below to Mike Hosking's interview with Richard on the issues of prisoner voting.





The influence of the media in changing the law was highlighted in the landmark decision on declaratory relief by the Supreme Court. (See The Attorney-General v Taylor & Ors). For the first time in a common law country, the Court held that superior courts have the power to issue a declaration of inconsistency on human rights in a jurisdiction that does not grant that express authority in legislation. Click on the link for

Richard's analysis of the media's role in establishing the new relief entitled "Supreme Court Creates First New Bill of Rights Remedy in 20 Years".